Briarcliff Community Club (BCC)


The following Club Rules and Regulations are in effect for the convenience, safety, comfort, and enjoyment of Club members. The Board of Directors may amend these rules at any time, as needed.  Unless otherwise indicated in these rules and regulations, member(s) means those with swimming privileges. BCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


a.   Normal pool hours during summer vacation (including when ORHS is in session) will be:

  1. Sunday-Saturday-8 AM- 10 AM---Lap Swim, Members/family only (Unguarded)
  2. Sunday-Saturday-10:00 AM- 12:00 Noon---Adult (over 18 years of age) members only (Unguarded)
  3. Sunday through Thursday- 12:00 Noon – 9:00 PM--- All members and guests (Guarded)
  4. Monday through Thursday-9:00 PM – 11:00 PM--- Late Swim, Adult (over 18 years of age) members only (Unguarded)
  5. Friday and Saturday-12:00 Noon- 11:00 PM--- Late Swim; all members and guests (Guarded)

This schedule will be in effect unless otherwise posted at the pool or on the website. These times may be altered to accommodate school schedules, private parties, or other scheduled BCC activities.

a. A 10-minute rest period will be observed every hour (except for private nighttime parties) during Guarded swim beginning 10 minutes before the hour. During this period, no swimmer under 18 years of age will be permitted in the pool. This will provide the lifeguards an opportunity to check the pool system and adults the opportunity to enjoy adults only time in the pool.


  1. Only adult BCC members (anyone over the age of 18) are authorized to accompany children under 12 during Family Unguarded Swim and take full responsibility for supervising their minor child/children, including their behavior and safety.
  2. Minor child not accompanied by an adult household member as noted in paragraph a. will not be allowed to utilize the pool facilities during Family Unguarded Swim.
  3. Non-family adult or child guests will not be allowed entry to the BCC pool facilities during Family Unguarded Swim.
  4. Use of the diving well/diving board and the water slide are not allowed during Family Unguarded Swim.
  5. In the event of lightning or thunder, swimming will cease immediately, swimmers must evacuate pool, and swimming will not be allowed until 30 minutes have passed since the last observed lightning or thunder. BCC members who are at the pool when lightning or thunder occurs agree to monitor this time requirement.
  6. All BCC swimming pool Rules and Regulations posted on the pool grounds, included in this document, and posted on the and web sites must be adhered to at all times during Family Unguarded Swim


  1. Qualified Club lifeguards will be on duty during normal/regular pool hours, and during private parties.  Lifeguards have general responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of all members and guests present at the pool and assist with any emergency. They also have responsibility to ensure all applicable pool rules and regulations are followed by all members and guests and report any violations to the appropriate Board Member.
  2. Two (2) long blasts of lifeguard whistle require everyone to immediately vacate pool.
  3. Conduct disrespectful to the lifeguards will not be tolerated.


  1. The wading pool is limited to children 6 years old or younger.  Lifeguards will not have direct responsibility for the wading pool but will be available in the event of an emergency. Therefore, no child will be permitted in the wading pool unless properly supervised by a parent or guardian. 
  2. Children over the age of 6 years will not be permitted to use the wading pool.


  1. No glass containers of any kind are permitted in the pool area. Drinks in unbreakable containers are permitted in the pool area.
  2. Members and guests are encouraged to use the pavilion area when they eat; however, food is permitted on the pool deck provided members and guests clean up after themselves.
  3. All members and guests are responsible for placing their trash and recycle materials in the receptacles provided.
  4. No horseplay, running, or other unsafe conduct is allowed in the pool area.
  5. Do not play with or hang on the ropes or the rope buoys. Moving the buoys and hanging or standing on the ropes frays the ropes and causes them to break.
  6. No abuse of Club facilities will be tolerated.
  7. No chewing gum is allowed in the pool.
  8. No pets are allowed in pool area.
  9. Anyone with open sores or wounds is prohibited from using pool.
  10. Smoking is not permitted within the fenced area of the club.
  11. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, or tricycles etc., are allowed in the pool area. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle rack outside the pool area.
  12. Lifeguards may enforce other rules deemed necessary for the safety of members/guests.


  1. The diving pool area is to be used for diving only. Non-skilled swimmers or patrons wearing flotation devices are not allowed in the diving area of the pool.
  2. No more than one person is allowed on the diving board at one time.
  3. No pushing, pulling, shoving or other horseplay allowed on or near the diving board.
  4. Only two bounces on board are allowed before diving.
  5. All diving shall be from the end of the diving board and straight forward-- never off the side. The water in front of the board must be clear of swimmers before any diving. Swim directly to the ladder after diving.
  6. Goggles, flippers, and snorkel devices are not permitted on the diving boards. 


  1. Anyone using the slide must meet the height requirement as indicated by the red line on the water slide steps (43 inches)
  2. Only one (1) person may participate on the slide at a time; tandem sliding is not allowed. 
  3. Immediately exit the slide dispatch area upon entering the water.
  4. Persons wearing flotation devices are not allowed to use a slide.
  5. No pushing, pulling, shoving or other horseplay allowed on or near the slide.
  6. All members/guests are required to ride the slide on their back in a feet first fashion.
  7. Members/guests with heart conditions, back problems, and expecting mothers should not participate on a slide.
  8. Goggles, flippers, and snorkel devices are not permitted on the water slide.


The lifeguards are authorized by the Board to restrict activities or expel any person in violation of these Rules and Regulations. Failure to follow BCC Rules and Regulations may result in disciplinary action to include loss of pool benefits and privileges.

Disciplinary actions for those under 18 years of age in violation of pool rules is as follows:

  1. First offense---lifeguard will blow her/his whistle followed by identification of individual(s) in violation of pool rules and issue a verbal warning
  2. Second offense---lifeguard will blow her/his whistle followed by identification of individual(s) in violation of pool rules and issue Yellow card.
  3. Third offense---lifeguard will blow her/his whistle followed by identification of individual(s) in violation of pool rules and issue a Red card followed by suspension from the facilities for remainder of the day.

Suspended individuals will be allowed to return to the facilities the following day with a clean disciplinary record.

In the event of egregious Rules and Regulations infraction by anyone using the pool facilities, lifeguards will suspend the individual(s) immediately and contact the Board member responsible for lifeguards


  1. Swimmers will be required to wear proper swimsuits. Swim wear deemed to be inappropriate in the presence of children will not be allowed. This includes but is not limited to thongs, string bikinis and similar swim wear, either male or female. This decision may be made by a Board Member present or a lifeguard.
  2. Children not toilet trained must wear protective rubber pants, or equivalent, under their swimsuits.
  1. Cut-off jeans are not allowed to be worn in the pool. 
  2. Swim wear worn at an area lake or pond and not cleaned shall not be worn in the pool.
  3. All children must be at least 12 years of age to use the pool facilities without supervision by a parent or guardian. An appropriate Release form will be signed by a legal guardian or parent and kept on file in the Guard Room.
  4. A parent, guardian, or other responsible person over 18 years of age must accompany all children under 12 years of age
  5. USCG approved PFDs (personal floatation devices), swim bubbles, and "FLOATIES" will be permitted for use on children only under the direct and immediate supervision of an adult. 
  6. No floating devices allowed in diving area. No large floating devices (example: rafts, boats, etc.) are allowed in the pool.


  1. A list will be maintained at the Briarcliff Pool and used to verify the identity of those shareowners and renters who have pool privileges. To be included on the list and allowed independent entry, a person must either be the adult head(s) of a household with pool privileges or an immediate family member who lives at the same address as the shareowner/renter head(s) of household. Anyone not on the BCC list is considered a guest.
  2. A pool shareowner/renter or family member may bring up to 6 guests (maximum per membership) to the pool during guarded swim times. The pool shareowner/renter or family member must be present with their guests at the pool. Upon written request, the BCC Board may authorize a greater number of guests under special circumstances. 

     During unguarded swim times, guests are not allowed to use pool facilities

  1. A pool shareowner/renter will be responsible for securing all waivers pertaining to pool privileges.  This may include, but not be limited to waivers required by BCC Pool Regulations or Board decisions to ensure the safety and welfare of all pool shareowner/renter and guests using the pool facilities.

c.   Guests will be subject to all BCC Rules and Regulations. Failure to abide by said rules may result in the guest being suspended from the pool facilities and possible loss of future guest privileges.


All parties must have an adult member sponsor who will be present during the party.  The sponsor will complete and sign the BCC Party Reservation Form and return it to the BCC Party Coordinator with any payments due.  The party will not be scheduled until the BCC party coordinator receives the completed Reservation Form and payments, if any. Nighttime private party reservations will not be accepted on holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and holiday weekends (Friday through Monday).

  1. Daytime parties 
    • Daytime swimming parties during regular pool hours are limited to a maximum of 10 non-member guests. 
    • Daytime swimming parties may be permitted during regular pool hours subject to the availability of an adequate number of lifeguards.  The pool will not be closed to members during daytime swimming parties.  The Pavilion may be reserved for your use for two (2) hours during the party.
    • The sponsor is responsible for placing their own trash and recycling in receptacles provided and cleaning Club facilities according to the requirements listed in the party Reservation Form.
    • Daytime non-swimming parties are restricted to the pavilion area and are limited to a maximum of 50 people.
  2. Private Parties:  Nighttime private parties are scheduled for the two hours after the pool closes to general swimming (typically, 9 to 11 PM).  No private parties may be scheduled after 11 PM; thus, no private parties are permitted on nights with late night general swim until 11 PM.
    • Private parties are limited to 50 non-member guests.  No more than 50 total guests (including members) may swim. 
    • Nighttime private parties include exclusive use of all Club facilities starting at 9 PM.  Early Applications for private parties must be accompanied by a check for the $125 private party fee to cover the reservation and lifeguards.  Club lifeguards are required to be used during the private party.
    • In conjunction with a scheduled nighttime private party, the pavilion and/or volleyball court may be reserved from 7 PM for dinner and socializing.  
    • Non-member private party attendees will not be allowed to swim before 9 PM.
    • Private parties must be chaperoned by at least one adult member per 10 guests under the age of 18.
    • The sponsor will be responsible for the control of the number of guests and for their conduct during the party. The sponsor will also assume responsibility for paying for any damage to the Club facilities caused by guests at private parties.
    • The sponsor is responsible for placing their own trash and recycling in receptacles provided and cleaning Club facilities according to the requirements listed in the party Reservation Form.


Pavilion use before or after the swim season may be arranged by contacting the BCC Party Coordinator 


  1. These rules are for the protection of the BCC facilities and its members and the vested interest they have in the assets of the Club. Violation of one or more of these Rules and Regulations may result in temporary suspension, monetary penalties and/or expulsion from the Club, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. 
  2. The BCC Board of Directors reserve the right to enforce other rules and regulations that pose a health or safety risk to BCC members and guests.


Briarcliff Community Club (BCC) does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression (including a transgender identity), sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information,  or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law, in any of its activities and operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all member shareholders, guests, employees, subcontractors, and vendors.  

BCC will comply with state and federal laws such as Title IX, Title VI and

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section

503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in

Employment Act, the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment and Rights Act, Executive Order 11246 and other similar laws that prohibit discrimination, all as amended. BCC is an equal employment opportunity/ affirmative action employer.

Revised 5/2021