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Briarcliff Community Club Charter and Amendment

Want to Have Your Own Party at the Pool? Check the Rules First!

Only 10 Nonmember Guests allowed during regular pool hours! More than 10? Have a Private Party at the pool 8 PM - 10 PM  

As a member, you can reserve the Pavilion for a party. It's a great way to have a get-together without messing up your house this summer!

          If your group wants to swim, swim parties during regular pool hours are limited                                  to 10 non-members swimmers/guests! 

If you want to have a larger swim party with more than 10 non-member swimmers/guests, you must have a Private Party from 8 PM - 10/11 PM.  A private party reservation closes the pool to regular BCC members for the duration of your party time. The fee for a private party is $50, and party hosts pay for lifeguards working during their own party. Lifeguards are required for ALL swim parties. Private parties are limited to a group of 50 people.

Non-swimming parties at the pavilion during regular pool hours are limited to a group of 50 people.

The BCC shareowner named on the share certificate MUST be present as host for any party they request. Check the calendar below for available dates, and to arrange a time, please contact Glenn Brook at Fill out the Party Application form.


2019 pool fees

Annual 2019 Operations and Maintenance fee for Shareowners is $475.  Payment is due upon receipt of your annual invoice. Late fees begin if payment not received by May 1, 2019. Shareowners renting their pool privilege must charge their renter $650 for the summer season ($475 O&M + $175).  This includes a $25 social membership fee and $150 Rental fee that is used for pool expenses and to keep our annual O&M fees reasonable for Shareowners. If you are renting your share, please have your renter write YOU a check, and then write a check for $650 directly to the Briarcliff Community Club yourself.  Please include your renter's name and phone number on the memo area of your check. This way we can track which shares are rented and from which Shareowner.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BCC Board Meeting Minutes Notes from BCC Board Meetings are posted below via link:       

Be secure

The security of our Web site depends upon you! You need to pick an unbreakable password, and also keep your computer malware free. I (jim Rome) give many good tips in my blog.