To reserve the pool or the pavilion for a party, contact with your request, including desired dates and expected attendance.  A board member will then work with you to schedule your event and collect any required fees.  Pavilion rentals will be limited to no more than 3 hours in duration during public pool hours (both guarded and unguarded).  Be sure to read the rules that govern such events.

If you want to have a swimming party during guarded pool hours (12 PM - 8 PM) you are limited to 10 non-member guests.

If you want to have a swimming party with more than 10 non-member guests, you must rent the pool out for a evening private party from 9 PM - 11 PM.

The cost of a private party is $125.  Private parties are limited to 50 non-member guests.

Private parties cannot be held on holiday weekends, nights the pool is open for guarded late swim (typically Fridays and Saturdays), or the last weekend before Oak Ridge School begins.  Parties are always contingent on guard availability and good weather.